Everyone wants to start the year on a high note. Especially with the last 2 years being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent government lockdowns. 

Is it just me who feels a bit more optimistic for the coming year? 

Hopefully not. 

There seems to be a case to be excited for 2022, specifically marketers. A new year always presents new technologies and features we can take advantage of to make our lives easier and our clients’ business better. 

What is there to look forward to this year? 

For one, it looks like digital marketing will continue its growth in various sectors as more and more companies realise its importance. 

The demand for digital marketers is increasing as steadily as the supply as more people transition from their former careers to adopt a new one, whilst students studying digital marketing in colleges and universities are also adding to the pool. 

Will 2022 be the year of the digital marketer? 

It’s a resounding yes for me, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.