As social media continues to grow in its importance to your marketing strategy, deciding which platforms or how many platforms is a dilemma every company faces. 

Experts and marketing gurus will tell you to target the channels where your audience is, but as we all know, each social media platform has become eclectic with its user base. 

People of all ages, creeds, nations and colours occupy every single realm of these platforms. 

The second way most will advise is to look at the characteristics of each platform.

What kind of interactions are people having? What form of engagement is prevalent? What do users expect to get out of using the platform? 

In all honesty, both strategies work. 

But, will they work for you? 

The chances of performing well with each platform are dependent on you, and the message you want to get out to your target audience. 

The right message at the right time will always attract the right audience.