With the surge of Tik Tok in continuously topping the list of most downloaded app in recent years, it is no surprise that the Meta-owned Instagram will compete the only way it knows how – Copy and Paste. 

We saw this same tactic used when Snapchat tried to disrupt the social media space with stories and stickers. 

Now a new, and what looks like stronger competitor has come to steal our attention from the Meta-owned conglomerate. 

Tik Tok reeled us in with Reels, which have changed the way we now enjoy our time on social media.

From photo-sharing dominating the space, it now looks like video-sharing has officially taken over as our primary source of media. 

This only means one thing for Instagram to stay ahead. 


It looks like in 2022, Instagram will focus more on reels. We have already started to see the early signs with the introduction of the reel button taking centre stage on the main tab. 

The aesthetics of reels have also changed when you’re scrolling – they now appear much bigger and take up a large portion of your screen and feed. 

I only see more focus being placed on reels this year, therefore, your strategy when it comes to growing your page on Instagram should have reels as the main focus in your content mix.